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Dr. Marlene Krauss | Bio

Dr. Marlene Krauss of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School

Dr. Marlene Krauss is the first person to have received both an M.D. and an M.B.A. degree from Harvard University. She trained at the Harvard hospitals in medicine and surgery and Mount Sinai Hospital in ophthalmology and at New York Hospital in retina surgery. She is the first person that combined her medical training and clinical practice as a physician with extensive business experience to discover and develop innovative companies in healthcare. Dr. Krauss has invested in and founded over 25 companies and she has been either Chairman, CEO and/or a member of the Board of Directors of 15 of these. Some of these were companies that went on to create new industries and standards of care, generate billions of dollars in global revenues and achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of attractive realization for investors.

Dr. Krauss and her team have invested primarily through KBL Healthcare which is a family of institutionally backed funds which she founded and raised and where she has been CEO and Managing Director for over 20 years. Assets under management totaled over $300MM and she and her team have also raised more than $1BN in follow on investments. She has been extensively involved in all sectors of healthcare including medical devices, healthcare services, biotechnology/ drug development, and healthcare consumer products. She has broad and deep scientific, investment, managerial and board of director skills and, in addition to working in private equity, has public company and investment banking experience.

She has worked with all stages of companies: start ups that began with her team writing a business plan or licensing a technology; development stage companies where she helped identify breakthrough technologies and guide them through FDA approval and commercialization; and growth stage companies that developed excellent revenue and earnings trajectories and were successfully sold.

In addition to her business activities Dr. Krauss has been active on various boards and Dean’s committees at Cornell University, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. She is on the Advisory Committee on Education at Harvard Medical School and received the Alumni Achievement Award at Harvard Business School. She was honored at a recent Harvard Business School event celebrating 50 years of admitting women and was on the keynote panel of Cornell’s alumni event this year which celebrated its 150th Anniversary. A champion of women’s activities for many years, she was involved in the formation of Ms. Magazine for which she was also a writer, and was a founding member of the President’s Council of Cornell Women, Women Business Leaders (WBL), and the Harvard Business School Organization of Women Alumni. She has been involved in various community activities include having been a Vice Chairman of the Business Committee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has written for numerous scientific and business publications.

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