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KBLVC | What Is Our Investment Strategy?

Dr. Marlene Krauss of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School

KBL’s investment strategy is based on an active, value-added style of venture investing. KBL will fund and invest in healthcare companies with high growth potential in rapidly expanding markets.

Based on its extensive investment experience, KBL believes that market leadership in the healthcare industry is maintained through technological advances, innovative strategies, efficient delivery systems and superb execution. KBL will target and/or recruit experienced management teams that have a proven record of success, thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and are motivated by appropriate incentives.

KBL looks for companies that are developing or have developed proprietary technologies or service delivery models that address large or potentially large markets. Companies must possess superior management capabilities or be committed to building these with KBL’s assistance. Finally, KBL will only invest in companies that create real, lasting value within the healthcare industry.

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