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Achillion Pharmaceuticals Presents Findings

Achillion Pharmaceuticals recently presented findings from a study on a Novel Orally-Administered Factor D Inhibitor to the Congress of the European Hematology Association. The presented results indicated up to 100% inhibition of alternative-pathway (AP) activity in hemolysis and Wieslab assays after oral dosing of ACH-4471.

According to an Achillion news release: “The interim study data indicate ACH-4471 was well-tolerated at all dose levels examined with no safety trends noted. Evaluation of serum AP activity by ex vivo assessment suggests rapid inhibition of AP activity after oral dosing. Furthermore, the concentrations of Bb, the cleavage product of factor B by factor D, were determined for the assessment of the inhibitory effect of ACH-4471 on in vivo factor D activity. Bb levels were shown to decline after dosing with ACH-4471 with the lowest Bb levels observed at 16 hours post-dosing in Groups 3 and 4 and a gradual return to baseline by 48 hours after dosing.”

More information on ACG-4471 and Alchillion Pharmaceuticals can be found here:

About Achillion Pharmaceuticals

Based in New Haven, CT, Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACHN) is a science-driven, patient-focused company seeking to leverage its strengths across the continuum from discovery to commercialization in its goal of providing better treatments for people with serious diseases. The company employs a highly-disciplined discovery and development approach that has allowed it to pursue best-in-class oral antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C (HCV) and build a platform of potent and specific complement inhibitors. Achillion is rapidly advancing its efforts to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with a goal of bringing life-saving medicines to patients with rare diseases.

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